D. Durden:

Executive Profile:
Over 29 years of military and civilian experience in a myriad of operational, intelligence and leadership positions within the U.S. and overseas.  Wide-ranging experience working, coordinating and de-conflicting with U.S Federal and State agencies along with international partners both within the U.S. and overseas.  Extensive experience operating in both urban and austere environments as both a team member and a leader of multi-discipline teams.  Extensive operational experience conducting Controlled HUMINT Operations in support of the National Command Authority and Department of Defense requirements world-wide.
Expertise includes multi-mode surveillance detection, counter surveillance, non-verbal communication planning, elicitation, counter elicitation, combatives and Executive Protection Advance Operations

Skills Highlights: 

  1. Executive Protection Course; U.S. Training Center
  2. Civilian Response to Active Shooter Event Instructor
  3. Georgia Private Investigator /Security Lic # PDSG044609
  4. Georgia Secretary of State Board Certified Firearms Instructor; Lic #: FAI-000135 
  5. Professional Investigator Certification, Kennesaw State University
  6. Certified National Rifle Association Instructor
  7. MOTC Certified; Department of Defense        
  8. Advanced Personal Protection Inside the Home, National Rifle Association​
  9. Anti-terrorist Driving and Motorcade Operations; International Training Incorporated
  10. High Risk Survival, S-V91-A; JSSA, Department of Defense
  11. Hostage Survival S-V93-A; JSSA, Department of Defense
  12. SERE 245B Phase II; JPRA, Department of Defense  
  13. SERE 230; JPRA, Department of Defense

Quality Work

R. Durden:

Executive Profile:
Accomplished executive and experienced values-based leader with demonstrated ability to deliver critical results. Skilled supervisor with 25+ years of military experience, who leverages multi-national and cultural experiences to achieve strategic planning, continuous improvement and top tier performance. Experienced facilitator and expert in leader and team development to fully realize the human capital potential in an organization.
Skill Highlights:

  1. 500 Hour Registered and Certified Yoga Teacher; Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Plant-Based Nutrition and Ethics of Ahimsa
  2. Advanced Level Facilitator 
  3. Experienced Keynote Speaker, Panel and Board Member
  4. Collaborative Leader with International Experience. Cultural Experience: Kosovo, Iraq, Egypt, Colombia & East African Countries
  5.  Human Resource Management & Personnel Recruitment
  6.  Instructor – Collegiate Adjunct Professor
  7.  Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Instructor
  8.  Interactive Multi-media Content Developer
  9.  Military Certified Range Safety Officer
  10.  Experienced Key Leadership & Communication skills; 25+ years of experiencer
  11.  Extensive background in Military Intelligence, Financial Management
  12.  Strategic Initiatives; Continuous Improvement Cultures, Imaging and Assessments


All Protective Reach, LLC instructors are military veterans and/or experienced State or Federal Law Enforcement professionals with recent real-world, operational experience. Protective Reach, LLC utilizes full time & part time Subject Matter Experts as Consultants to meet the Customer’s Requirements


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