Ref: Basic Pistol Course:

 I recently participated in the Basic Pistol Marksmanship class and feel so empowered with all I learned.  Having never shot a gun before, I began the class somewhat apprehensively.  Dave immediately put me at ease with his presentation of the material. A visual learner, I appreciated the information that was presented on the computer screen. The class is a hands on event with superb instruction and guidance.  I was given continued explanation on how to position my hands, body, and pistol.  I was shown how to check a pistol, load a pistol, and shoot a pistol.  Rather than feeling frightened, I actually felt extremely capable.  I pray never to have to use a pistol to defend myself, but after taking this class I feel more prepared should the need ever arise.  Excellent class!! Teresa W.

Ref: Personal Security and Threat Mitigation Course:

Dave and Raquel conducted an on-site training for myself and the women at our facility after a female coworker had been attacked in a public restroom. The lessons learned during this class and the hands-on experience we received helped everyone walk away with more knowledge and skills to handle conflict, if ever necessary. This training created awareness of our surroundings that we can harness in many different environments to keep us safer, including emergency exit strategies, tips on how to navigate different situations, and how to identify and escape a potential attacker. We are all so thankful to have participated in this training and highly recommend Dave and Raquel’s Personal Safety & Security course to everyone! Ashleigh, Chemist

Ref: Personal Security and Threat Mitigation Course:

It feels great to feel more empowered and to know what to to to prevent attacks from happening and get out of them when neccessary! Deborah 


“Wow! I thought I was a pretty aware guy, but this course really opened my eyes to a bunch of things I hadn’t even considered. This class is not only fast paced, well organized, thorough, interesting, and motivational, but Dave and Raquel have so many practical ideas and easy to use recommendations. I walked out of class with a MUCH higher level of awareness AND a lot of steps I can take right now to protect myself from threats without spending a dime. I’m definitely signing up for the next level!” Bob Johnston – Lake Arrowhead, GA.

Ref: Basic Pistol Course 

T. Hilsman:I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work in planning and   preparing for this class. I had a great time and I am very pleased with the progress that I personally made today. I woke up this morning and went into a classroom with zero pistol education and walked out this afternoon with 10 rounds of not too shabby shooting and a wealth of knowledge. I am very impressed with the outfit that you chose to educate us and very impressed with  the flow of the day and our scheduled activities. I now feel confident when approaching a weapon in my home instead of terrified like before today.   I was not expecting that nor did i believe that it was possible after one day of class. Thank you again. Today was very important to me and marks another great feat under my belt. I look forward to further  experience

Ref: Refuse to Be A Victim Seminar:

Bill and I – and Rich and Diane and Kelly and Mary took a seminar from Raquel and Dave Durden last Saturday on Refuse to be Victim. It was excellent! We came home very impressed with Dave and Raquel – we learned a lot about what we need to do to be safe in our homes and in our cars and on the streets.

Ref: Pistol and Personal Security Course:

We participated in the basic pistol marksmanship/home defense class and couldn't have been happier. The combination of classroom discussion and hands on application was outstanding. We thought we knew what to expect with the training but based on the quality of the instructors and deliberate training plan, the training far exceeded our expectations. We can't wait for the next class! Thanks Kris and Jen

Ref: Personal Security and Threat Mitigation Course:

Great class! Definitely feel more confident and committed to practicing, thank you. ViVi

Ref: Protective Reach Training  

I have been a client of Protective Reach for over four (4) years.  During this time, I completed the NRA Basic Pistol Course training and a Situational Awareness & Personal Safety Class. Dave & Raquel Durden are not only highly skilled & educated in their field, but also have compassionate hearts for others. In society today, that is a rare and treasured combination. Protective Reach will teach practical, fundamental tools to empower you with safety and preparedness. I set out to be educated in personal safety as I am a single, 5’0” female motorcycle enthusiast who also travels for business.  Their class structure is informative, organized, positive, clear, and provides principle applications needed for Personal Security & Threat Mitigation. I trust them implicitly with my personal safety training and marksmanship and know that your experience with Protective Reach will be equivalent.  Stacy S, Business Owner 

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"Aware and Prepared"

Ref: Basic Pistol Course: 

Raquel and Dave did an amazing job in the basic pistol safety class. It was great to sit down in a controlled classroom to start before jumping immediately into the shooting range portion. I was nervous to start because I had never officially handled a gun before, but Dave and Raquel did a great job explaining the basics. They helped me understand how to handle, hold, and stand while using a gun. Not to mention, they also focused on the technique of it all. I appreciate the passion and patience they had while training me. I learned so much and would recommend this class to anyone, especially beginners like myself! KK; College Senior & Collegiate Athlete. 

Ref: The Women’s Personal Safety & Security Workshop:  

This was a very informative class. They taught us several ways on how to defend yourself in different situations.  It is a hands on approach class that shows you the techniques and has you practice them on a subject.  The instructors also taught us to be aware of our surroundings and what to look out for and what not to do so we don't become victims.  We left the class very knowledgeable and prepared.  I highly recommend this class to women of all ages. Kristine T.

Ref: Personal Security Training

​After attending the Women's Personal Safety & Security Workshop, I feel confident that I can avoid dangerous situations. This class helped me watch out for circumstances I wouldn't normally think of as a threat. It taught me skills that I can use in the real world for self defense. As women, we are not always the strongest, so this course explains how to get out of certain positions if you are the victim of an attack. The instructors are incredibly encouraging and enlightening. I left this class feeling a lot more informed and aware of my surroundings; it was an eye-opening experience for me. ​Samantha, College Student

Ref: Protective Reach Workshop for Georgia Pre-K Educators, Administrators:

It was my privilege to assist Raquel Durden at a Protective Reach Workshop for Georgia Pre-K Educators, Administrators, and Key Staff on keeping their students and staff safer. Raquel's material was presented efficiently, professionally, and effectively. Factual, up-to-date information was given on how to become more aware of potential areas of danger and the specific actions to take when danger does occur. The attendees left the workshop with knowledge of how to implement a plan to increase their safety, their students' safety,  and the safety of their facilities. Teresa, Retired High School Teacher

Ref: Basic Pistol and Safety

​The basic pistol safety course was extremely helpful to me in working to feel safe in any environment. I am a small (96 pound) female, 5 feet 2 inches, and along with other safety and security programs, I wanted to feel that I could defend myself. This course taught situational awareness along with safe and proper use of a pistol. The gun that I and my husband bought for me was inappropriate for my use. So I was allowed to try another gun that I could use with comfort. Going to the gun range and getting instruction and a comfort level with shooting was very helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone who wanted proper techniques in gun use and safety and especially like me had no prior experience. I felt free to ask any question no matter how naive. Certainly allowed me the ability to receive a comfort level in defending myself.
Mary Sawyer, MD, Emeritus assistant professor Emory University School of Medicine.

Ref: Personal Security and Threat Mitigation Course:

​This class was excellent, the techniques are all extremely practical and the focus on basic moves and muscle memory is very effective. I would definitely recommend this class or take another class. Lisa